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Judo BC and Club Registration for Kizuna Judo Club

To register for Kizuna Judo Club, you must first become a member of Judo BC. You can register for a Judo BC membership by clicking the button below.

What is Judo BC? Why do I have to register?

All Judo participants in Canada must be a member of Judo Canada, as well as their provincial/territorial body. This is to ensure for the collective growth of judo, management of insurance for clubs, as well as a range of benefits for participants, including competitions, camps, and clinics. The full benefits of a Judo BC membership include:

  • Eligibility to access to the BC Provincial Team Program

  • Eligibility to access athlete support from the Canada Sport Institute Pacific

  • Eligibility to access KidSport grants

  • Eligibility to access travel subsidies/grants

  • Eligibility to access the External Sport Credits Program (school credits for High Performance Judo Participation)

  • Eligibility to compete in invitational and provincial competitions and programs

  • Funding support for Provincial Team Program athletes

  • Coverage through Judo BC's sport accident and liability insurance program

  • Access to Judo BC sanctioned events such as competitions, clinics, and camps

  • Kata clinics and black belt grading

  • Membership with Judo Canada

  • Access to Judo BC's bi-weekly e-newsletter (when email address and consent is given)

  • Eligibility for Judo BC and Judo Canada recognition awards

The annual Judo BC fees are as follows:

* Please note that the cost of the Judo Canada fees are included in the total for the Judo BC fees. These fees are non-refundable and cannot be pro-rated for the season. 

* Judo BC memberships renew annually in September.

Club Fees

Club fees are paid separately from the Judo BC fees. These dues can be paid via e-transfer, cash, or cheque.

Please see our club fees on our rates page!

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