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Our Programs

We offer recreational and competitive judo programs for students of all ages and abilities. 

We are proud to support Paralympic Judo and encourage visually-impaired athletes to engage with our programs. Contact us to learn more about VI Judo and the possibilities it offers!

Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us today for more information, we would love to work with you!



Designed for 5-8 year-olds, this program focuses on body awareness, coordination, motor skills, social skills, respect, confidence, moral values, and self-esteem. For this age group, judo skills are acquired as a byproduct of improved motor and athletic capabilities (fundamental movement skills). As students gain experience, they begin utilizing technical judo with a focus on fun, social interaction, respect, confidence, and self-esteem. 


Junior Judo

Designed for 9-13 year-olds, the junior judo program utilizes our Learn to Train Judo Curriculum. For this age group, children are not only taught the fundamentals of movement and physical literacy, but they also begin more deeply exploring judo-specific techniques and principals. Children in this age group are encouraged to explore competition and many preparatory opportunities will be offered, however, this is not mandatory.


Advanced Judo (14+)

Designed for students aged 14+, this program focuses on using fundamental movement skills and physical literacy for more intensive judo training. Students in this age group may spend more time doing randori (sparring) and employing judo skills against actively resisting opponents. As a result, students develop high-level fitness and self-defence capabilities.  For teens, competition is encouraged and preparatory opportunities are offered, but this is not mandatory. 

For adult students, we utilize our Active for Life judo curriculum to focus on developing fundamental movement skills, physical literacy, and self-defence. We encourage adult students to participate recreationally or competitively to their own comfort levels.

If students are interested, no-gi and freestyle judo sparring opportunities will be offered.


Women's Judo (14+)


Designed for female-identifying students aged 14+, this program focuses on the same fundamental movement skills and physical literacy as the advanced program, but in a female-led environment. The class is meant to be empowering, social, and supportive with an emphasis on continuous improvement, no matter the level. 

Students in this program will spend more time working on basic judo movements and skills, with an emphasis on fun and technical training. We will encourage students in this program to participate to their own comfort levels and will offer a range of options for exercises to allow any experience-level to participate.


Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for any members of Judo BC with a valid membership card. These lessons will be taught by Takeru Nobeashi and will be structured based on your needs and goals, including judo fundamentals, technique-specific training, competition preparation, and more.

You can book private lessons by clicking here!

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