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Judo Match


Kizuna Judo Club is located in Maple Ridge, BC. Kizuna Judo Club's main goals are to help people to reach their potential both mentally and physically, as well as to create social bonds and connections that will last a lifetime. 

Kizuna Judo Club prides itself on high quality instruction, a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, and an environment that fosters growth, social connections, confidence, and leadership. The instructors and club are certified and supported by Judo BC and Judo Canada.



What is Judo?

Judo is an Olympic martial art focused on throwing and grappling. In judo, practitioners (called Judoka), compete in individual matches to throw, pin, or submit their opponents. Judo is founded on the principles of maximum efficiency and minimal effort, which means that judo favours practitioners of all sizes and abilities! Additionally, while judo is a combat sport, it does not involve punching or kicking and focuses instead on remaining in control, not being physically stronger. Although size and strength can help, judo teaches students how to use their opponents' movements against them, which can help them to overcome physical barriers.

Judo has been an Olympic Martial Art and sport since the Tokyo games in 1964. As a result, judo is practiced internationally and has a significant following worldwide. Judoka often travel to learn and compete with international friends and rivals!

Why Judo?

Judo provides a great form of activity for both children and adults of all abilities. Classes involve full body workouts and activities that develop both athletic and self-defence skills, while also building confidence, discipline, respect, and strong moral values. Kizuna Judo Club offers both recreational and competitive options, with defined skill pathways to lead your growth.

Judo, while a contact sport, is also very safe for children and adults because of the emphasis it places on taking care of one's partners, safe technical execution, and breakfalls.

Beyond developing fitness, self-defence, and athletic abilitiies, judo students also gain social and mental skills that will last them a lifetime. Judo students learn how to control their feelings, impulses, and emotions through following the judo moral code. This code emphasizes courtesy, courage, friendship, honesty, honour, respect, and self-control. In addition to this, students learn the value of hard work and perseverance, as each step and rank is earned with effort.


Fundamentals and Junior Judo


Advanced Judo


Women's Judo




In Japanese, "Kizuna" means bonds or connections. While we teach martial arts, we also believe that it is the social experiences, bonds, and connections we form with each other that make judo so special.

At Kizuna Judo Club, our training partners, teammates, and students are very important to us. We want to help you meet your goals, whether it be learning a martial art, winning a competition, fitness, fun, self-defence, or something else! 

We hope that we can learn and grow alongside you, to offer you the best learning environment possible!

meet the staff


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Takeru and Ashley Nobeashi

Takeru Nobeashi has been training judo for over 28 years. He grew up practicing competitively in Japan and fought on his university team and in international competitions before moving to Canada. As a result, he has a vast knowledge of competitive judo and strategies. He also has a comprehensive understanding of judo-related fitness and nutrition strategies. Takeru is the head instructor and coach for the Kizuna Judo Team and is Dojo Instructor certified by Judo Canada.

Ashley Nobeashi began training judo 11 years ago, but her martial arts journey began in Taekwondo. After training Taekwondo for over 10 years, Ashley has transitioned to judo and now offers a unique perspective on multi-modal self-defence. Ashley is the secondary instructor and coach for the Kizuna Judo Team and is also Dojo Instructor certified by Judo Canada.


604-200-2092 |

Located Inside of After School Warriors

201-22712 Dewdney Trunk Road, Maple Ridge


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